Wales, a few of our Favourite Things


Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus, or, Happy Saint David’s Day from Ysgol y Môr.


Traditional singing, dancing, food and drink celebrations are taking place across the country today to honour the patron saint of Wales!  We’re lucky to be based in this amazing landscape and to help celebrate, here are just a few of our favourite things about Wales and why we think it offers such an incredible outdoor classroom and adventure opportunities for Ysgol y Môr students:

  • Over 1650 miles of coastline
  • A worldclass landscape of mountain ranges and national parks for awesome adventure on land or water!
  • Over 600 castles, in fact, more than any other country in Europe
  • Some of the best marine wildlife in Europe, with a wide diversity of underwater habitats and species

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Salt, sand and seaweed: New course for IB learners

Get up to your knees in sand, salt and seaweed. Ysgol y Môr has launched a unique course for International Baccalaureate students about to embark on their Extended Essay and who are looking for inspiration.  Students can now explore the world of marine biology for their essay question, with the help of marine scientists and IB teachers, on the Menai Strait in North Wales.

The first courses take place in July 2016, helping students to complete their Extended Essay, which forms a key part of the IB diploma programme, in time for the start of the students’ final year. For pupils looking for inspiration for an original piece of research for their essay, this one week residential course enables them to choose, plan and investigate a biology topic with practical fieldwork along the Menai Strait, and get this completed during their summer holiday.

Students get a fantastic opportunity to truly focus on the essay, immerse themselves in a fascinating coastal environment and leave with a near complete essay to present to their supervisors on return to school.  This course exploits the world class marine science expertise and resources on this stretch of coastline, between Anglesey and Snowdonia.  Travelling by powerboat, students can access several field study sites along the Strait, to meet their individual research objectives and tap into the knowledge and facilities of marine biologists at the Anglesey Sea Zoo.  Back at base, the workshops and tutorials in research and essay writing techniques help make the process easier. IB teachers, all experienced in supervising Extended Essays, are on hand throughout the course. The base for the course is the National Outdoor Centre, which lends itself perfectly to learning new watersports aswell. Activity sessions in sailing and other watersports are included in the course, giving students some valuable new skills and a chance to relax from the studying.

For more details, see our IB Extended Essay Course.